The White House: Balancing Old Charm with Modern Innovations

White House Health and Wellness Centre is listed on the prestigious UK Therapy Rooms Directory – the UK’s largest directory of beauty, health, treatment and therapy rooms to rent.

UK Therapy Rooms was founded by clinical psychologist Dr. Daniel Glazer and surgeon Dr. Danny Sinitsky. The concept arose during a casual dinner conversation, sparked by Sinitsky’s personal challenges in locating suitable therapy rooms.

Determined to simplify this process for others, they embarked on creating a platform to streamline room rental. Drawing upon Daniel’s visionary approach to psychology and Danny’s meticulous attention to detail, the duo has since established the nation’s premier directory of well-being spaces for rent.

What initially began as a solution for therapy room seekers has blossomed into a comprehensive platform catering to a diverse array of well-being spaces. 

We are pleased to be listed among esteemed establishments in the UK wellness landscape and on a platform that values trust, honesty and transparency.

UK Therapy Rooms are the innovative team behind Therapeuta, the leading booking & management platform for therapy rooms & wellbeing spaces to rent. We make use of Therapeuta at the White House and we’ve received nothing but positive reviews and feedback from our therapists on their use of the platform. It has allowed them to streamline their booking experience and elevate their practices to new heights.

Through Therapeuta’s intuitive interface and seamless functionality, therapists can effortlessly book and manage their sessions at the White House with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Benefits of Booking with Therapeuta at the White House:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Therapeuta’s intuitive platform ensures a hassle-free account activation and booking experience, allowing therapists to focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional care to their clients. They offer both a desktop and mobile interface for easy booking on the go!
  • Flexible Scheduling: With real-time calendar availability and instant confirmation, therapists can easily find the perfect time slot to accommodate their clients’ needs, optimising their practice efficiency.
  • Centralised Management: Therapeuta’s centralised dashboard empowers therapists to effortlessly manage their bookings, information and invoices, all from a single, convenient platform.

At the White House, we pride ourselves in balancing the old charm of our beautifully renovated Grade II listed property with modern innovations that make growing your practice with us a breeze. Of course, we still believe in good old customer service, and our dedicated team provides exceptional hospitality to all those who walk through our doors or make enquiries.

We invite therapists and practitioners to experience the unparalleled convenience and sophistication of booking through Therapeuta and to explore our reviews on the esteemed UK Therapy Rooms Directory.

You can learn more about “What is Therapeuta and How Does it Work?” by watching our video here.

Elevate your practice, streamline your workflow and unlock new opportunities for growth and success with us.

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